Promoting the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of rangelands through the development and widespread use of the criteria & indicators for rangeland assessments, and by providing a forum for dialogue on the sustainability of rangelands.

Future Directions for Usable Science for Rangeland Sustainability
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Ardmore, OK
June 2-5, 2014.
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Ecosystem Services

To explore importance of commodity and amenity values, the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable (SRR) conducted workshops on rangeland ecosystem goods and services. These sessions incorporated extractable goods derived from rangelands, tangible and intangible rangeland ecosystem services, and core ecosystem processes that underlie these goods and services. While rangeland amenity values matter to some individuals, profit potential may motivate others to engage in conservation and/or provision of rangeland ecosystem goods and services. Workshops captured varied stakeholder perspectives and developed categorization frameworks, leading to creation of multiple communication pieces designed to highlight varied products and services provided by rangelands, available below. Comprehensive monitoring is also foundational to successful rangeland management for ecosystem goods and services. Managers and scientists need baseline data to detect changes. Actions and reactions in social and economic systems also must be monitored to obtain a complete picture of sustainability.