Promoting the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of rangelands through the development and widespread use of the criteria & indicators for rangeland assessments, and by providing a forum for dialogue on the sustainability of rangelands.

Future Directions for Usable Science for Rangeland Sustainability
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Ardmore, OK
June 2-5, 2014.
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SRR Listserve
If you would be interested in receiving periodic emails about SRR activities we would happy to add you to the SRR listserve. The emails sent out to listserve participants typically contain upcoming meeting information and invitations, meeting summary notes, Delphi participation requests, and other relevant udpates.

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Roundtable Participation
The Roundtable currently consists of more than 150 participants from 75 organizations. Participants come to as many meetings as they can and respond to Delphi in between meetings. Some participants have also joined work groups.

A modified Delphi Process of obtaining a reliable consensus opinion from a group of experts is used between meetings to facilitate progress and momentum on key issues. The Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable has customized the Delphi process to clarify the range of opinions and define points of disagreement so that agreement might be made during meetings. For each Delphi Round a question or questionnaire is designed; participants respond; and replies are collated, summarized, and distributed with a new round of questions designed to reach wider agreement. This process does not necessarily generate a single agreed-upon answer. Rather, the Delphi method promotes a spread of opinion.
Examples of Indicator Relevance